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Where she was a drug addict and moved back to her small Christian town. For a while there was nothing out there. He was hysterical in the movie because it so clear that he can't be anyone but himself. I certainly wasn't very powerful in the whole process but it makes me feel that, if I did it once, maybe I can do it again. Though admitting that she actually had a body-double for the shot, several complicating factors with that body-double compel her to step up to the plate. With nowhere to go, she ends up living with a group of seven socially clueless women who need her to teach them the ways of makeup and men. After more than a few drinks, shots and even a handful of pills, Brandi and Ronnie return to his place and she is very clearly sick and intoxicated, vomiting before they even get in the door.

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House Bunny, The (United States, 2008)

Not all of the jokes work. However, the charm of a beautiful, dumb woman, with good intentions is contagious. It was sort of a last m inute thing where I was like "Oh, I'll go ahead and do this. Anna Faris is definitely the reason this movie rises above being a hum-drum, slightly silly, and rather light comedy. How do you imagine Shelley when she's older, into her 80s?

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You know when you're playing somebody that's so happy and such a cheerleader and so optimistic all the timeā€¦I felt like a goofier person. I felt a little sexier, a little more comfortable with my body, which was kind of cool because I always played girls that were the sweet, girl-next-door type. They're really supportive, and really excited; it was really fun working with them. I wana be your house mother. In most female comedies the romance is a huge part of it but not so much in the guy movies, so I wanted to bring some of that to this film.
Then again, it takes absorption of the full minutes for the movie's vomit-inducing power to become evident. AF: It was really fun. Hair - Blonde sorority towel on head scared faint Body Flashing scream nude in home pink lips nutt exposed. That would happen at times but usually they were the straight girl roles that aren't as much fun to play. It was really humiliating. No more incentive needed to go watch Anna Faris in the House Bunny.
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